Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Health and happiness

Happiness is in the mind, and the mind is supported by the body – a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Your happiness depends on your mind and it depends on your body. Without physical health you can't be completely happy, and without mental happiness you can't be completely healthy. Health is a positive state; not just the absence of a negative one. It's not only the absence of disease. For too long now traditional Western medicine has treated illness as only a disease: an enemy that attacks you and needs to be counter-attacked; but in reality it's nothing more than an imbalance in the natural harmony of body and mind. True healing means restoring that balance, and true health means keeping it.

Yoga means "to unify." It's the holistic approach to all aspects of life: physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga views the person as a whole; as a unique combination of body, mind and soul, and its techniques maintain that body-mind-soul harmony.

In the ebook Yoga Health Secrets we'll look into all the techniques for attaining and maintaining that body-mind-soul harmony for true health and happiness:

Health and relaxation Physical health, relaxation

Stress relief

Stress relief

Stamina and vitality

Stamina, vitality, zest for life

Concentration and memory

Clarity, concentration, memory

Motivation and willpower

Motivation, willpower


Self-confidence and awareness

Creative insight

Creative insight


Love for all

Peace and happiness

Inner peace and happiness

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